Changing our focus

Last year, the society & culture section was greatly expanded. New indexes for music, theatre, humor, diaspora, etc. were added:

The Site was launched as an economic and political portal. Now, we’re positioned to compete with the other Iranian-American portals on all subjects. Because we avoid tabloid-like content the Site is less popular than our direct competitors. Our main goal is to keep ths Site clean. There is no advertising, nudity, profanity or hate speech.

Yet, you cannot comment on any of the pages. This is mainly due to our lack of resources. It’s possible to take the Site to another level. But, it would mean comprising our independence. For now, you can consider other outlets available to you.

We have made the content more accessible. For example, older videos were converted to the flash format because you requested it. Of course, this task was very labor intensive but had to be done to keep us more competitive.

We have sporadically covered local events in Southern California in the past years. The coverage includes A&E events, Persian festivals, lectures & seminars and film festivals. This has provided us with unique content which has made us differentiated than others.
We strive to work with objectivity while keeping our independence and dignity. We have never covered events by the Farhang Foundation. First, it’s because they professionally document their events and don’t need our coverage. Second, We have serious issues with their management team. They have opted to advertise at a heavily commercialized website that features offensive content. It’s my analysis that nepotism and favoritism is inherent in their management. I can get into specifics and details but this is not a forum for it.

We have a more cautious approach and will not comment on areas beyond our scope of work. I am an analyst and editor and nothing more. My educational background is in engineering and finance.I attended college for over 11 years but never took coursework in theology. Religion has always been our redline. We simply don’t cover it because it may offend people. To put it in simple terms, I don’t wish a fatwa on my head. Our motto has always been “Nothing Like the Sun”.

Keep in mind that running this Site has been a huge task and burden for me. Over the years, we have had numerous hacking attempts and received viruses & disturbing emails. Furthermore, our competitors object to our coverage of events and have gone after our contributors. They have used dirty tactics and defamation to keep their competitive edge. It’s truly a “mafia” type atmosphere. Our content is used without permission or even accreditation. This is happening despite our non commercial orientation. We simply don’t compete with them in terms of selling ads.

The news page has always been our most popular section. It would take money and staff to expand it on par with other sites. For now, it is updated with daily links to main stream news sources. Hence it is nonpolitical and unbiased. We have a policy of not posting pictures of politicians in our news page in order to preserve our neutrality.

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