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EIU Wire -Business intelligence on 195 countries by the Economist Intelligence Unit.
Africa/Middle East (Economist Intelligence Unit)
Economist country profiles -Features News, country profiles, forecasts, statistics and much more.
Middle East & North Arica Region (World Bank)
MENA (World Bank Law Library)
Doing Business in the Arab World
European Institute for Research on Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Co-operation - MEDEA (English/French)
Africa/Middle East Markets (Bloomberg)
International Finance Corporation (IFC)
MENA: International Finance Corporation
Middle East Trade Directories (FITA)
Database for the Arab World Economy and Finance Web sites (
Economic Research forum-Nonprofit, nongovernment independent research institute.
GlobalEdge - Asia & Middle East
Economy of the Arab World (
MENA - Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (Canada)
EU Trade with the Gulf Gulf Cooperation Council
Le Ministère des Affaires Etrangères
Ministère de l'Économie et des Finances (France)
Missions économiques (France)
Middle East IP Laws
The American Middle East Institute
Doing Business in the Middle East
Mideast Law-Doing Business In reports for Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the U.A.E.
Middle East Commercial Law (WRF)
Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRTCIC)
United Nations Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia
U.S. State Department Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs Country Reports
U.S. Middle East Free Trade Area (CRS)

Financial News
Arab DataNet-Features Country Information and News on the Arab World.Established and maintained by the National US.-Arab Chamber of Commerce.
AME Info: Financial News-Offers daily financial news from the Middle East Region.
Arabian Business
CNBC Arabia-In Arabic only.
Country information at the Dutch Export Site
Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU)
Financial Times: Middle East & Africa
Forbes Middle East
Gulf Business-Online edition of print magazine focuses on international and Persian Gulf business news.
Gulf Marketing Review-Monthly publication for the marketing and advertising community in the Persian Gulf.
Harvard Business Review: Middle East
Middle East North Africa Financial Network: MENAFN
Dubai Business Magazine.Features international and regional news.
Middle East Bussiness Daily-Aggregation of business news from a variety of sources.
Middle East Economic Digest (MEED)-MEED also hosts many conferences and events on economic trends, and other aspects of doing business in the Middle East.
Middle East North Africa Financial Network (MENAFN)-Provides Middle East business & finance news.
Middle East Now
Middle East Online
Middle East Regional Business News (Middle East Events)
Zawya-Focuses on Arab Business and Finance

Arab Trade Financing Program
Trade Arabia
National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce
U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council

Institutions by Country

Doing Business In Bahrain (World Bank)
Bahrain EIU Viewswire
Bahrain Monetary Agency
Bahrain Ministry of Industry & Commerce
Bahrain: U.S Government Export Portal
Bahrain Trader (Business Directory)
Bahrain International Airport
Batelco (Bahrain Telecommunications Company)
Bahrain Trade Statistics (WITS)
Bahrain Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Doing Business In Cyprus (World Bank)
EIU Viewswire
Cyprus Business Guide
Cyprus Trade
Cyprus Trade Statistics (WITS)
Francoudi & Stephanou Financial Services (Cyprus)

Doing Business In Egypt (World Bank)
Egypt EIU Viewswire
Central Bank of Egypt
American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt
Cairo Conference Home Page
Egyptian Economic Bulletin
The Egyptian Center for Economic Studies ECES, Egypt
Egypt Market Overview (Department of Commerce)
Egypt Trade Statistics (WITS)
Egypt Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Doing Business In Iran (World Bank)
Iran EIU ViewsWire
EU-Iran Trade Relations
Central Bank of Iran
Iran Trade Statistics (WITS)
Iran Oil & Gas Resources
Iran Business Resources

Doing Business In Iraq (World Bank)
Iraq EIU Viewswire
EU-Iraq Trade Relations
Iraq Country Analysis Brief (U.S. Department of Energy)
Iraq Daily (Business News)
Iraq : Business and Economy
IRAQ Trade Guide
Iraq Trade Statistics (WITS)
Iraq Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Iraq Reconstruction
US Agency for International Development: Iraq
U.S. Government Iraq Reconstruction Contracts
U.S. Department of Commerce Iraq Reconstruction Task Force

Doing Business In Israel (World Bank)
Israel EIU Viewswire
EU-Israel Trade Relations
Israel at a glance (World Bank Group)
Cental Bank of Israel
The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute-Your gateway to business in Israel.
Israel: U.S Government Export Portal
Israeli-America Chamber of Commerce
List of Israeli Banks (Bank of Israel)
The (Financial News) (Link to News)
Israel Trade Statistics (WITS)
Israel Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Doing Business In Jordan (World Bank)
Jordan EIU Viewswire
EU-Jordan Trade Relations
Central Bank of Jordan
The Jordanian Customs Department
The Jordanian Customs Department Housing and Urban Development Corporation
JEDCO - Jordan Export
Jordan Investment Board
Jordan Maritme Commission
International Investment Arabian Group
The Free Zones Corporation (Jordan)
National Information System (NIS)
Jordan Trade Statistics (WITS)
Jordan Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Doing Business In Kuwait (World Bank)
Kuwait EIU Viewswire
Ministry of Finance
Central Bank of Kuwait
Kuwait Finance House
Kuwait Investment Authority
Commercial Bank of Kuwait
Kuwait International Fair Company
Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)
OPEC Fact Sheet on Kuwait
State Audit Bureau (Kuwait)
Orient Consulting Center-Kuwait stock market analysis, market research, and information services.
Kuwait: US Commercial Service
Kuwait Trade Statistics (WITS)
Kuwait Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Doing Business In Lebanon (World Bank)
Lebanon EIU Viewswire
EU-Lebanon Trade Relations
Central Bank of Lebanon
Ministry of Finance
Lebanon Business
Investment Development Authority of Lebanon
Beirut Stock Exchange Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Beirut
Lebanon: US Department of Commerce
Lebanon Trade Statistics (WITS)
Lebanon Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Doing Business In Oman (World Bank)
Oman EIU ViewsWire
Central Bank of Oman
Bank Muscat
Gulf Agency of Oman
Omani Centre for Investment Promotion and Export Development
BP Oman
Oman: U.S Government Export Portal
Oman Trade Statistics (WITS)
Oman Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Doing Business In West Bank and Gaza (World Bank)
Palestinian Territories EIU Viewswire
EU-Palestine Trade Relations
Arab Palestinian Investment (Holding) Co.
UNDP Program of Assistance to the Palestinian People (PAPP)

Doing Business In Qatar (World Bank)
Qatar EIU Viewswire
Qatar Central Bank
Qatar: U.S Government Export Portal
Companies in Qatar
Qatar Islamic Insurance Company
U.S.-Qatar Business Council Homepage
World Trade Center
Qatar Trade Statistics (WITS)
Qatar Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Saudi Arabia
Doing Business In Saudi Arabia (World Bank)
Saudi Arabia EIU ViewsWire
The Saudi Network
Ministry of Finance and National Economy (Saudi Arabia)
Saudi Arabia: Investment Laws & Regulations (SAGIA)
Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
U.S. Department of Energy: Energy Information Administration Country Analysis Briefs: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia: U.S Government Export Portal
Saudi Arabia Trade Statistics (WITS)
Saudi Arabia Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Doing Business In Syria (World Bank)
Syria EIU Viewswire
EU-Syria Trade Relations
Central Bank of Syria
Federation of the Syrian Chambers of Commerce
Business in Syria
Damascus Chamber of Industry
Syrian Consulting Bureau for Development and Investment
Damascus International Fairs
Syria Online - Guide to the Syrian Market and Society
Yellow Pages Syria
Syrian - European Business Centre
Syria Trade Statistics (WITS)
Syria Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Doing Business In Turkey (World Bank)
Turkey Country Analysis Briefs (DOE)
EU-Turkey Trade Relations
Turkey EIU Viewswire
Central Bank of Turkey
Turkish Treasury
Istanbul Stock Exchange
Turkish Foreign Trade and Tourism Center
Economic and Financial Datafor Turkey
Turkish Economy
Competitive Advantage of Turkey
Foreign Economic Relations Board
Turkey: U.S Government Export Portal
Turkey Trade Statistics (WITS)
Turkey Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Doing Business In UAE (World Bank)
Ministry of Economy (UAE)
Commercial Laws and Regulations
UAE: US Commercial Service
UAE: U.S Government Export Portal
UAE Trade Statistics (WITS)
UAE Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Doing Business In Yemen (World Bank)
Yemen EIU Viewswire
Central Bank of Yemen
Central Organization for Control and Audit of Yemen
General Investment Authority of Yemen
Yemen Economic Corporation
Yemen Trade Statistics (WITS)
Yemen Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners (OEC)

Business Directories & Search
Arab Business Net-Business search by country and industry.
Arab World Commercial Directory
Planetbiz Asia Business Directory

Country Commercial Guides (U.S. Department of Commerce)
Country Commercial Guides Index
Saudi Arabia

Country Information - Australia
Saudi Arabia

Country Information - Canada
Saudi Arabia
West Bank and Gaza Strip

International Energy Outlook
World Oil Transit Chokepoints (U.S. Department of Energy)
International Energy Statistics (U.S. Department of Energy)
OPEC Revenues Fact-Provides OPEC Oil Export Revenues
Caspian Sea Oil (Princeton)
Caspian Energy Project (CSIS)
Alexander's Gas and Oil Middle East News
CNBC Oil and Gas News
CNN Commodities (Oil Prices)
The Energy Intelligence Group
IAEE Resources<
World Oil Magazine
Oil & Gas Directory
Oil Price History and Analysis
Oil and Gas International
Oil& Gas Journal-Provides up to date news of the Oil & Gas industry.
Oil & Gas Newsfeed
Oil & Gas Online
Oil Review Middle East
Geopolitics and Energy in the Middle East
U.S. Department of Energy
Internet Petroleum Resources

Country Analysis Briefs & Data (U.S. Department of Energy)
Saudi Arabia

Oil & Gas Companies

State Companies
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
Bahrain National Gas Company
Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation
National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)
National Iranian South Oil Company
Qatar Petroleum
Qatar Liquefied Gas Company (Qatargas)
Saudi Aramco

Independent Companies
BG Group
ChevronTexaco (U.S.)
China National Petroleum Corp.
Conoco (U.S.)
ENI (Italy)
Exxon (U.S.)
Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation
LG (Korea Republic)
Mobil (U.S.)
Nexen (Canada)
Petro Canada
Pertamina Indonesia
Petronas (Malaysia)
PDVSA Venezuela
Qatar Petroleum
Qatar Liquefied Gas Company (Qatargas)
Royal Dutch/Shell Group
Saudi Aramco
Sheer Energy (Canada)
Shell (U.S.)
Statoil (Norway)
Persian Gulf Oil Companies<

IMF Country Info
Bahrain - Cyprus - Egypt - Iran - Iraq - Kuwait - Lebanon - Oman - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - Syria - Turkey - UAE - Yemen

World Bank Country Overview
Egypt - Iran - Iraq - Israel - Jordan - Kuwait - Lebanon - Oman - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - Turkey - UAE - Yemen - West Bank & Gaza

There were no country profile reports available for Cyprus and Israel.

International Finance Corporation (IFC)
West Bank and Gaza
Saudi Arabia

Stock Exchanges
Amman Stock Exchange
Bahrain Bourse
Beirut Stock Exchange
Egypt Stock Exchange
Istanbul Bourse
Kuwait Stock Exchange
Mascat Securities Market
Tehran Stock Exchange
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Palestine Security Exchange

Central Banks
Cental Bank of Bahrain
Central Bank of Egypt
Central Bank of Iran
Cental Bank of Israel
Central Bank of Jordan
Central Bank of Kuwait
Central Bank of Lebanon
Central Bank of Oman
Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
Central Bank of Syria
Qatar Central Bank
Cenral Bank of Turkey
Index of Central Banks (Reserve Bank)

The Arab Bankers Association (UK)
Arab Bankers Association of North America
Islamic Banking Infobase
Islamic Banking (Article)
Islamic Banking
Al-Baraka Investment and Development Corp.-Worldwide Resource for Islamic Banking and Finance.

Bank sites are a good resource for business news and information. Therefore, a couple of banks from each country are listed below:

Arab Bank
National Bank of Bahrain
Al-Ahli United Bank (Bahrain)
Bank of Alexandria (Egypt)
Banque Du Caire (Egypt)
Banque Misr (Egypt)
National Bank of Egypt
National Societe Generale Bank (Egypt)
The Egypt American Bank
Banks in Egypt
Bank Keshavarzi (Iran)
Bank Saderat (Iran)
Export Development Bank of Iran
Bank Leumi(Israel)
Bank Hapoalim (Israel)
List of Israeli Banks (Bank of Israel)
Jordan Kuwait Bank
Amman - Cairo Bank
Jordan National Bank
Export and Finance Bank (Jordan)
National Bank of Kuwait
Gulf Bank (Kuwait)
Burgan Bank (Kuwait)
Commercial Bank of Kuwait
Byblos Bank
Banque du Liban (Lebanon)
Banque Libano-Francaise
The National Commercial Bank (KSA)
The Arab National Bank (KSA)
Saudi American Bank
Oman International Bank
National Bank of Oman
Qatar National Bank
The Commercial Bank of Qatar
Qatar Industrial Development Bank
The National Bank of Dubai (UAE)
Commercial Bank of Dubai (UAE)
National Bank of Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (UAE)
Citi Bank (UAE)
Union National Bank-Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.)
Union of Arab Banks
Top 100 Arab Banks (Sorted by Assets-The Banker)

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