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This is a non-profit, non-partisan and totally independent website. It's mainly targeted for researchers, scholars and investors.

The site aims at providing comprehensive information pertaining to Iran and the Middle East.

The goal of the general webguide is to give the public easy access to the best sites on the web. It is a gateway to a variety of free resources available on the internet. I have tried to index the sites which posses content of interest to readers of different backgrounds.

I have a MBA degree in finance and have worked as a financial analyst and real estate & stockbroker. There is heavy emphasis on business and personal finance topics.

I am not a trained journalist but have occasionally covered local events (filming & interviewing) in order to complement and diversify our content. I have used management principles (the use of analogs, diversification, positioning strategy, etc.) to run this site. Also, I have used the humanistic management approach since the site was launched. As a policy, race, gender or religion never play a role in our decision making. The site strives to be as secular as possible and never overtly political. In terms of content and decency we are similar to mainstream websites in the US. In fact, we have no choice but to have self-censorship.

You will not find blind links and annoying pop-up windows on this site. You can browse this website without registration and disclosing any personal information.

Your feedback and suggestions are important to us. We greatly appreciate your interest in improving the site and have incorporated the suggestions of visitors. Our internal statistics indicate that the news and media pages are the most popular among our visitors. Therefore, we only need to keep these pages up-to-date to maintain our popularity. Also, the analysis of our internal search indicates that Iranian-Americans care only about their immediate needs (cuisine, sexuality, FX rate). Rarely anyone searches for politics or religion. Therefore, we try to keep unpopular content to a minimum. You have the option of visiting websites dedicated to these topics directly.

When contacting us, please state the nature of your inquiry. I read and take note of every email that I receive. However, I cannot reply to every email individually due to the large volume of mail received. But I appreciate your interest and support of Pars Times.

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While every effort has been made to ensure the high quality and accuracy of the site, Pars Times makes no warranty, express or implied concerning the site's content which are provided "as is". Pars Times expressly disclaims all warranties. Pars Times does not guarantee the accuracy, content, or timeliness of the Site services.

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Pars Times reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of the Site's Content at any time and to restrict the use and accessibility of the Site.

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Pars Times is interested in receiving articles from our visitors. We will publish all well-written and relevant articles about Iran on all subjects. Write your article exactly as you wish visitors to read it and submit them as email body-text or as a Microsoft Word attachment. You may also submit your articles in HTML format or as a PDF file. Beware that once an article or an interview is published it may not be removed.
You can also send jpeg and gif attachments. Remember to use a descriptive subject line in your email. We are not a commercial site and cannot pay for your contribution.

Also, we are trying to provide more contents to our visitors. If you are familiar with site design, XML, Perl and Java we welcome your contribution. We will note your contribution to the page and will provide a link to your site.

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We don't have a membership option like commercial websites. A member area, blogs and a business directory require expensive scripts or programs and sophisticated user-authentication. Furthermore, a full-time technical maintainer/developer is needed to make sure the website is accessible at all times. The cost of setting up and maintaining a user-friendly interface is huge and beyond our means. So far, we have used free scripts and programs offered to us by the server or third parties which don't work as well as tailor-made programs.
However, you now have the option of becoming a member of our social media pages and comment or contribute as you wish.

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We will be happy to announce your lectures, art exhibitions, festivals, fundraising events, concerts, and performances. Please email your press releases. You may send a small image if you wish.

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There isn't a fully automated advertising system in the website. But we allow sponsorship of our popular pages (i.e News & Media) to recoup operating costs and improve the Site's look and accessibility. Non-profits and 501(c) registered charities can contact us for free promotional opportunities.

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To the best of my knowledge, all unmarked images within this site were gathered from public domain sources. Most images come from government sources such as CIA, NASA and NOAA.

The icon images (GIF animation, books, stars etc.) available on this site have been collected from various online sources believed to be in the public domain.

All the maps and flags images were produced by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (World Factbook), unless otherwise indicated. The Factbook is in the public domain. The maps and charts scanned from "Atlas of the Middle East", published in January 1993 by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency are Courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

Images of the globe and satellite images are all courtesy of NASA. All of these images are also in the public domain.

Guidelines (NASA)

In general, we remove and/or replace our own images at our discretion up to three years after the publication.

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:: Links
The site provides links to most of the public domain images and articles because of space limitations. Keep in mind that links change rapidly. The most common cause of broken link has to do with webmasters renaming or moving web pages to another location. However, it's possible to find the sources using various search engines. You may also retrieve older articles from the
internet archive. Nothing is perfect in life and sometimes you must do a little work to find what you are seeking.

This site is not responsible for the contents or reliability of external sites. The inclusion of a hyperlink does not constitute an endorsement.

The site is maintained and links validated quarterly. A link checking software is used to identify broken links and redirects. However, the program cannot check all the links because of robots exclusion. Furthermore, it cannot identify if the web page's content has changed. We regularly remove abandoned domains that are taken over by spammers. Hence, the program has its limits and we need your help. Please let us know, which website in Pars Times was not accessible. Every attempt will be made to fix broken links as quick as possible. However, keep in mind that the best we can do is to keep broken links to a minimum. We have learned a lot from maintaining the website and developed the best system to deal with the link issues. A Persian proverb states:

Practice makes perfect

We simply cut and paste the title of the articles in our news page. It would be unethical to change the titles. The terms "Gulf" and "Farsi" are widely used by news agencies and mainstream press. We have no choice but to be tolerant of those words because we aggregate the news from all over the world. In addition, news sites have a different style guide for capitalization of titles. There are spelling differences between British English and American English (i.e organisation/organization, humour/humor, offence/offense, marvellous/marvelous etc.). You may also see different spelling for some Persian words (Nowruz, Norooz, Norouz etc.). It's best not to be a nitpicker and instead focus on major issues. This site mirrors real life which is not consistent.

Finally, life is dynamic and we have no choice but to move with time. The social media revolution has changed the internet forever. Censorship and tracking are rampant on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Nevertheless, people spend more time at social media websites than other websites because they're addictive. Furthermore, the extraordinary growth of Wikipedia is making independent websites like us obsolete. We had to respond with new content (i.e a new Life & Style index and nostalgia pages) to remain competitive and maintain our statistics. We have done everything to improve the Site. It needs an injection of cash for a revamp.

This site is dedicated to my teachers.