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Ethnolinguistic Map of Iran (CIA)

Persian Profile
Iran: Languages (Britannica)
Indo-Iranian languages (Britannica)
Languages of Iran (Ethnologue)
Iranian Languages (CAIS)
A Guide to Persian (BBC)
Iranian Languages (Map)
Ethnolinguistic Map of Iran
La population persanphone
Genealogical tree of Iranian languages

Institute of Persian Research
Iranian Academy of Persian Language and Literature
Society for Iranian Linguistics
The Center for Promotion of Persian Language and Literature (CPPLL)
Cultural Research Bureau, Linguistics Dept.
Persian Language Org.
Persian Linguistics Association
The American Association of Teachers of Persian
National Middle East Language Resource Center

Parsi Language

Iranian Studies

Journal of the International Society for Iranian Studies
Iranian Journal of Applied Linguistics
Iranian Journal of Language Studies (IJLS)
Majalle-ye Zabanshenasi - Iranian Journal of Linguistics

Old Iranian Scripts & DictionariesAchaemenid Empire

Old Persian
Introduction to Old Persian
Old, Middle and Modern Iranian languages
Old Persian (Aryan)
The Old Persian font
Old Persian (Ancient Scripts)
Old Persian Cuneiform
Old Persian (Aryan)
Old Persian Dictionary

Avestan alphabet
Overview of the Avestan language
Avestan Dictionary
Avestan, Iranian & Zoroastrian Languages
Old AvestanOld Persian Cuniform: Darius the Great inscription at Persepolis
Avesta Fonts
Young Avestan

Online Pahlavi Dictionary
Pahlavi Fonts
Sanskrit and Tamil Dictionaries

Middle Persian
Middle Persian (Britannica)
Middle Persian
Middle Persian scripts

Modern Persian Script
Persian alphabetCalligraphy by E. Sadeghzadeh
Persian alphabet (Omniglot)
Persian Numbers
Persian Language

Modern Persian Spoken and Written (Volume 1)
Modern Persian Spoken and Written (Volume 2)
Elementary Persian for non-Heritage learners of Persian

Cultural Reasearch Bureau - Linguistics Department
Dari Language Project
The FarsiWeb Project
Lexicon of Iranian Languages (Archive)
Persian Digital Library
Persian Language Educatorsĺ Symposium
Persian Literature in Translation
The Shiraz Project

Online Persian Courses (U. Cambridge)
Academic Grammar of New Persian-By Dr. Navid Fazel
Persian Grammar-By Dr. Navid Fazel
Euro Farsi-Romanisation of Persian Script & Alphabet
Lessons, Readings and Dialogues for Persian Language at Princeton University
Persian Studies (University of Texas)-Various online Resources including a Persian Verb Conjugator.
Virtual Persian (NYU)
UniPers-A New Alphabet for Persian

Persian Calligraphy by Mir Emad Hassani

Online Dictionaries
Persian-English Online Dictionary (Aryanpour)
Persian-English Online Dictionary
Persian-English Online Dictionary (FarsiDisk)
Dehkhoda Dictionary
Hayyim Dictionary
Talking Persian dictionary (IL&S)
Ectaco Online
Saebsoft (Downloadable)
Pars Translator
Kurdish Persian dictionary
Online Kurdish-English dictionary
Dictionnarie Iranien-Franšais
W÷rterbuch Deutsch - Persisch

Encyclopedia & General Reference
Encyclopaedia Iranica
The Concise Encyclopedia of Iran (Persian)

Persian Alphabet Board Game

Online Persian resources (U. Washington)
Persian Grammar (U. Texas)
Persian of Iran Today (U. Texas)
Online Persian Language Learning Resource
Persian Handbook
Persian Handbook (UMD)
Persian Language Resources (Books & DVD)
Persian Phrases
Persian speech database Farsdat
Persian Transliteration Guide (LOC)
Tarjomeh (Online Translation-Iran)
Teaching Persian to Non-Natives

"Farsi" Recently Appeared Language
Persian NOT Farsi
Arabic elements in Persian (Iranica)
Persian influence on Arabic
France - Loan words in Persian
History of the Persian Language in the East-by Prof. Frye
The Persian Contributions to the English Language
University of Maryland Establishes Persian Studies Center - Washington File (May 14, 2004)

Online Courses
Chai and Conversation
Easy Persian
Farsi Pronunciation Guide
Learn Persian Language
Learn to Speak Persian (Farsi)
Learn Persian Online
Persian is Sugar
Persian Language Quiz
Persian Language Online
Persian Online Conversation Course (SDSU)
Persian Proficiency
Persian speech database Farsdat
Deutsch-Persisches Sprachprogramm

Online Video
Learn Persian
Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation
Persian Language Foundation Videos
Basic Translations
Persian Accent
Learning Persian in Iran
Persischer Akzent
The Persian Language and What Makes It Fascinating

Calligraphy Qalam
Persian Calligraphy

Proverbs & Maxims
Persian Proverbs
Sayings (Persian)
1001 Persian and English Proverbs by Simin Habibian (Book)

Courses for Children
Hoosh Hoosh Bahoosh DVDs
Oznoz Persian Language Learning & Games

Persian Courses (Iran)
Iran Language Institute
Ferdowsi University
Imam Khomeini International University
University of Isfahan
Shiraz University
Saadi Foundation
Tarbiat Modares University
University of Tehran | Dehkhoda Persian Language Institute at University of Tehran

Persian Courses (Australia)
ANU Persian Online
University of Queensland in Brisbane

Persian Courses (Europe)
Cambridge University
Oxford University - Persian | Old Iranian
Rustam Iranian School (London)
University of Durham
University of Edinburgh
University of Manchester
Warsaw University

Persian Courses (Canada)
McGill University
Univresity of Toronto
Persian at U of T Mississauga

Persian Courses (US)
Boston UniversityPersian Courses
Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Duke University
Emory University
Fresno State University
Harvard University
Indiana University at Bloomington
John Hopkins University
New York University
Ohio State University
Princeton University
San Diego State University
Persian Studies (San Francisco State U.)
Stanford University
Syracuse University
UC Berkeley
University of Arizona
University of Chicago
Persian Language, Linguistics, and Culture Program (U. Hawaii)
University of Maryland
UMD: Persian Cluster
University of Michigan
University of Montana at Missoula
University of Pennsylvania
University of Southern California
University of Texas at Austin Persian Studies
University of Utah
University of Virginia
University of Washington
Washington University in St. Louis
University of Wisconsin at Madison
Yale University

Persian language scholars gather in Tehran

Middle East Studies
Middle East Resource Guide
MESA Directory of Programs and Courses in Middle East Studies-An alphabetical and geographical list of resources.

TV & Radio
Online TV & Radio Broadcasts

Persian Literature and Poetry
Literary Periodicals
Literature Resources
Contemporary Writers
Poetry Collections
Bookstores & Publishers
Book Reviews
Persian Publications (US)

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