Chahar shanbe Suri (Culture of Iran)Achaemenid Griffin
No Ruz (Culture of Iran)
Norouz Background (Iran Heritage Foundation)
Nov-Ruz, The Zarathushtrian New Year (Vohuman)
Seezdeh be dar (Culture of Iran)
Mihregan (Culture of Iran)
Jashn e Sadeh (Culture of Iran)
Tirgan (CAIS)
Yalda Background (Iran Heritage Foundation)
Yalda (Culture of Iran)

A Brief History of the Persian Empire (CAIS)
Cyrus the Greats' Cylinder: The First World Charter of the Human Rights in 539BCE (CAIS) | Gallery
The Laws of the Ancient Persians
The Splendor of Persia
The Persian Wars by Herodotus
The US Army Pocket Guide to Iran (1943)
Persia or Iran?

Constitution (Persian)
Constitution (English)

Country Guides
IRAN - A Country Study (LOC)

Background Note: Iran - USDOS (2012)
Background Note: Iran - USDOS (2003)

Agreements and Treaties

Iran-Bahrain Agreements
Agreement concerning Delimitation of the Continental Shelf between Bahrain and Iran (June 17, 1971)

Iran-Iraq Treaties
Treaty of Peace and Frontiers: The Ottoman Empire and Persia (May 17, 1639)
The Treaty of Erzurum (May 31, 1847)
The Tehran Protocol (December 21, 1911)
Protocol relating to the Delimitation of the Turco-Persian Boundary signed at Constantinople (November 4th (17th), 1913)
The Algiers Accord (March 6, 1975)
Treaty concerning the Frontier and Neighbourly relations between Iran and Iraq (June 13, 1975)

Iran-Oman Agreements
Cotinental Shelf Boundary: Iran-Oman (January 1, 1976)

Iran-Qatar Agreements
Agreement concerning Delimitation of Continental Shelf between Qatar and Iran (September 20, 1969)

Iran-Saudi Arabia Agreements
Agreement concerning Sovereignty over the Islands of Farsi and Arabi and the Delimitation of the Continental Shelf between Iran and Saudi Arabia (October 24, 1968)

Iran-UAE Agreements
'Memorandum of Understanding' between Iran and Sharjah (November 1971 )
Continental Shelf Boundary: Iran - United Arab Emirates (Dubai) (August 13, 1974)

Iran-US Treaties
Treaties in Force as of January 1, 2003 (U.S. Department of State)-Read pages 139, 140, 141 in pdf format.
Clipping page 139 (gif) | Clipping page 140 (gif) | Clipping page 141 (gif)
Iran/United States Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations and Consular Rights, signed at Tehran on 15 August 1955
The Algiers Accords (January 19, 1981)

U.N. Security Council
UN Security Council Resolution 2231 - July 20, 2015
UN Security Council Resolution 1803 - March 3, 2008
UN Security Council Resolution 1737 - December 23, 2006
UN Security Council Resolution 1698 (PDF) - July 31, 2006
UN Security Council Resolution 598 - July 20, 1987 | (PDF)
UN Security Council resolutions relating to Iran (1946-1991)

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