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Flag of Islamic Republic of Iran

People of Iran - Map (CIA/UT Scan)

Iran: Ethnic and Religious Minorities (CRS)
Iran's Ethnic Groups (CFR)
Anthropology and Genealogy of Iranian Peoples (CAIS)
Background Note: Iran (USDOS)
Ethnic And Religious Groups in the Islamic Republic of Iran (UN OHCHR)
Iran's Diverse Peoples (Reference Sourcebook)
Ethnic cultures (CNRS)
People of Iran - Map (CIA/UT Scan)
Ethnoreligious Distribution (CIA/UT Scan)

The Origins
The Origin of the Pre-Imperial Iranian Peoples
Airyanem Vaejah

Ethno-Religious Mix
Afshar Language
Armenians in Iran (ca. 1500-1994) | Video
Armenians of modern Iran
Armenians in Iran (ca. 1500-1994)
Iranian Armenians
Iranian Armenians (BBC Persian)
The Assyrians
History of the AssyriansArmeniaian Girls - Mehregan October 2, 2005, Costa Mesa
Azarbaijanis | Assessment
Azari Language
Language of Azari and Arrani Peoples and Pan-Turkism
Azarbaijani Dance I | Azarbaijani Dance II
Babi (Unrecognized)
Bahá'í­ (Unrecognized) | Assessment
Bakhtiari | Assessment
The Bakhtiari Tribe
Bakhtiarias nomads in Iran
Bakhtiari Music (Video)
Grass: 1925 documentary about the bakhtiari tribe
The People and the Land of Baluchistan
Baluchi MusicLuri Women - Mehregan October 13, 2007, Costa MesaGilaki Women - Mehregan October 13, 2007, Costa Mesa
Baloch Nationalism: Its origin and development
Assessment for Baluchis in Iran
Brahui Language
Christians | Assessment
The Gilaki of Iran
Gilaki Folk Music
The Zargari language (genuine Gypsy language)
Tehran Gypsies | Video
Islamic Resources
A Brief History of Jews in ancient IranTraditional Persian Music featuring Parissa and the Dastan Ensemble - LA (September 30, 2006)
History of Jews in Persia/Iran
Persian Jews (Gallery)
Judeo-Persian Communities of Iran (Iranica)
Kalimi (Iranica)
CIJOH A Decade Later
Light and Shadows Exhibition
Iran Jewish
Iranian Jews (Video)
Judaism in Iran (Qantara)
Jews Undercover (Video)Kurds - Mehregan October 13, 2007, Costa Mesa
Khuszestan Geography & History
Khuzestani Arabs
Khouzestan Governorate
Kurdish Tribes (Iranica)
Kurdish Culture in Iran | Assessment
Encyclopaedia of Kurdistan
Kurdish Institute
Kurdish Culture in Iran
The Kurds in Iran
Kurd Online
Chronology for Kurds in Iran
Kurdish Sites
Luri people of IranIranian-Americans celebrating Nowruz in Westwood (March 20, 2005)
Luristan (Iranica)
Ancient Luristan
Luri Dialect (Northern)
Luri Dialect (Southern)
Luri Music | II
Mamasani Luri
Mandai (Unrecognized)
The Mandaeans of Iran
Nomads of Iran
Nomads of Iran (Video)
Voice of Nomads (Video)
Qashqai of IranIranian women holding Shokoufeh (blossom) & Celebrating the Festival of Nowruz - Westwood (March 26, 2006)
Qashqai Nomads
Qashqai Rugs
Qashqai Life I (Video) | Qashqai Life II
Shahsevan | Video
Shahsavan in the Grip of Development
Sheikhism (Unrecognized)
Sufi (Unrecognized)
Sufism in Iran (BBC)
Talysh (BBC)
Talysh Language
The Turkmen of Iran (Britannica) | Assessment
The Turkmen of IranIranian American Youth celebrating the Festival of Mehregan - Costas Mesa (October 14, 2007)
Turkmen Sahra
Turkmen Images
Turkmen Wedding in Iran
Yarsanism (Unrecognized)
Yazidis (Unrecognized)
Zoroastrian Archives: Avesta
Ancient Iranian Religions
Active Separatist Movements

Cultural Anthropology in Iran
Iranian Nomads Constitute Cultural Treasure: Anthropologist (CHN)

Half Persians (September 9, 2006)

Refugees and Migrants
UNHCR country operations profile
Afghan Household and Workes in Iran: Profile and Impacts (ILO)
Afghans in Iran (Gallery)
African Diaspora in Iran
Afro Iranian Lives (Documentary)
Afro Iranians (Video)
Iraqi refugees in Iran
International Consortium for Refugees in Iran

Iranian Diaspora
Iran: A Vast Diaspora Abroad and Millions of Refugees at Home
Iranian Americans
High Council of Iranians AbroadIranian Americans celebrating Norowz at LA City Hall (March 16, 2007)

Iran: Religious and Ethnic Minorities (HRW)
Iran: Ethnic Minorities (Amnesty International)
National Fabric of Iran (Small Media)
Minority Group Assessments

Iranian Traditional Costume

Rick Steves' Iran DocumentaryZoroastrian Kids - Van Nuys, Sizdah Bedar - celebrations - March 30, 2008
Rageh inside Iran (BBC)
Iran's Hedonistic Youth
Taste Of Iran (BBC)
Iran: Journey to the End of the Earth Documentary
People of the flame | Documentary Video
A Doorway to Persia
Understanding Iran and the Iranian People
Sound The Trumpets, Beat The Drums (1969)
Iran (1971): A Documentary by Claude Lelouch

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