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Political Parties & Organizations
Ansar-e-Hezbollah (Helpers of the Party of God)
Association of the Devotees of the Islamic RevolutionIranain woman holding the official flag of Iran - by QH
Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran
Association of Researchers and Lecturers of Qom Seminary
Ettehad-e Mellat-e Iran (Union of Islamic Iran People Party)
Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat (Office for Strengthening Unity)
Etemad-e-Melli - National Trust (Banned)
Executives of Construction Party
Islamic Labour Party
Islamic Society of Engineers
Islamic Students Association
Jebhe Mosharekat (Islamic Iran Participation Front)
Kargozaran-e Sazandegi (Executives of Construction Party) | Gilan | Kermanshah
Khat-e-Imam (Society of Forces Following the Line of the Imam)
Melli Mazhabi (Religious Nationalists)
Mojahedin Enghelab - Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution Organization (Banned)
Motalefeh (Islamic Coalition Society)
Shoma Weekly (Motalefeh)
Nedaye Iranian (Reformist)
Nehzat-e-Azadi - Liberation Movement of Iran - (Banned)
Hezb-e Tamaddon-e Eslami (Islamic Civilization Party)
The Society of Combatant Clergy
The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom
Tosee va Edalat
Vahdat Melli - Iran National Union Party
Youth Party Of Iran
List of Legally Registered Parties in IranPolitical Demonstration - by QH

Opposition Abroad

Hammer & Sickle

CP of Iran
Confederation of Iranians - BL (Southern California)
Etehad Chap Kargari
Etehade FedaianPolitical Demonstration - by QH
Fadai (Majority)
Fadai (Minority)
Fadai Guerrilas I | II
Radio Pishgam (Fadaian)
Iran Social Forum
Iranian Revolutionary Socialist Youth League
Kar (Fadai Majority E-Zine)
Mansoor Hekmat Internet Archive
Iran-e-Azad (NCRI)Political Demonstration - by QH
The Council of Muslim Socialists
Party of Labour (Toufan)
People's Democratic Party of Iran
PDK (Kurdestan)
Rahe Kargar (Organization of Revolutionary Workers of Iran)
Rahe Tudeh (E-Zine)
Sazmane Movahhedine Azadikhahe Iran
Sarbedaran (Marxist/Leninist/Maoist)
Organisation of Iranian Socialists (O.I.S)
Social Democratic Party of Iran
Socialist Party of Iran
Tudeh Party-The "True" communist party of Iran.Political Demonstration - by QH
Tudeh: 75 years fighting for Iranís working class
Union Of People's Fedaian of Iran
Workers Left Unity
Worker-communist Party of Iran (WP)
Workers Socialist Unity
Worker Politics (Siasat-e Kargari)
Worker Today (Kargar-e Emrooz)

Imperial Flag

MonarchistConstitutionalist Party of Iran - by QH
Constitutionalist Party of Iran
Constitutionalist Movement of Iran
Conseil National Iranien (CNI)
Shahin Fatemi
Dariush Homayoun
Derafsh Kaviani
Center for the Study of Strategic Nonviolent Defense
National Council of Iran
Rastakhiz: The Imperial Iranian GuardsConstitutionalist Party of Iran - by QH
Farah Pahlavi (Official Site)
Reza Pahlavi (Official Site)
Radio Nedaye Padeshahi
Ofogh Iran TV

Jebhe Melli (Iran)
Iran National Front (Washington)Iran National Front: Dr. Mohammad Mehrasa
Jebhe Melli News
Iran National Front (Europe)
Javanan Jebhe Melli
Iran Azad
Iran Liberal (Sweden)
Iran-e Bozorg
Adib Boroumand
National Movement of the Iranian Resistance
Nehzat-e Moghavemat Iran (Old Site)
PanIranism (US)Reformists in LA
PanIranism (Bay Area)
PanIranism (S. California)

IranWire (UK)
Kalame (Iran)
Mizan Khabar (Iran)
Rahesabz (Iran)
Tehran Bureau (US)
United For Iran (US)
Week in Green (US)

Supporters of Democracy

Neo-Conservative/Democracy Groups
American Iranian National Friendship
Centre for a Democratic Iran (pro-Israel lobby)
Coalition for Democracy in Iran (CDI) | Profile
Democracy for Iran (Archive)
Democracy Network of Iran, DNI (Inactive)
Foundation for Democracy in Iran
Foundation for the Promotion of democracy
Iran Institute for Democracy (Archive)
Iranian Aryan National Front
Democrat Party of Iran
Iran of Tomorrow MovementSupporters of Democracy
Kanoon Dallas
National Referendum For Iran
National Socialist Iranian Workers Party (SUMKA)
Pars Organization (France)
Payandeh Iran (Archive)
Pro Democracy Movement of Iran (PDMI)
Progressive American-Iranian Committee (PAIC)
California Society for Democracy in Iran
United Front of Iranian Nationalists (UFIN)
United Iran Party (US)
US Alliance for Democratic Iran (USADI)
Marz-e Porgohar - by QH

Democratic and Secular Republicans of Iran
Jomhourikhahan Melli
Green Party
Marz-e Porgohar
Sazmane Jomhoorikhahan
United Iranian front For Democracy In Iran
United Republicans of Iran (URI)

The Lion & Sun flag of Iran
Iran Student Movement

Iran Secular
Iranian Secular Democracy Movement
Secular Greens

Student Movement
Daneshjoo News
Confederation of Iranian Students
Tahkim Vahdat
Advar-e Tahkim Vahdat News

Iran Democracy Supporter Iran Democracy Supporter

Pseudo-Religious Groups
Baha'i≠ | II | III
Iranian Zionist Groups

Kurdish | Chronology for Kurds
People Profile
List of separatists groups

Political Websites
Brwska (Kurdistan)
CASMIIIran Democracy Supporter
Ehteram Azadi
Faith Freedom
International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI)
Iran Bulletin (Leftist Ezine)
Iran Didban
Iran Global
Iran Omid
Iran Lobby
Iran Politics Club | Forum
Iran Tribune (Leftist)
Kurdish AspectIran Democracy Supporters
Kurdistan Media
New Secularism
Iran Political Participation Research
Rangin Kaman
Regime Change Iran

Human Rights

Editor's Note:

Opposition websites cannot be accessed from inside Iran. ISP's in Iran have been ordered to filter adult and political sites. Hence, most of the political sites have very poor traffic.

Most Iranian news sites are affiliated with political groups. Consequently, one cannot find unbiased and professional reports in their coverage of political and social events. The most popular sites are based in Europe (Benelux countries) and ran by so-called progressive Islamic & leftist groups. These sites often have a sustainable competitive advantage due to the fact that reformists in the government support them. Furthermore, an Iranian-American lobby organization has completely taken over a US portal and also calling all the shots in other news sites.

Our celebrity journalists abroad have prostituted themselves by serving foreign interest. It's unclear why most of our scholars are silent on important issues.

Women's sites provide complete, accurate and unbiased coverage of social news. These websites are totally independent and managed by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Foreign government-sponsored Persian programs provide excellent coverage of arts and entertainment events. However, their political news is often biased. These sites extend their sphere of influence by advertising at the most popular Iranian portals. The so-called independent websites are not bound by strict codes of ethics and standards. Therefore, they can use 'below the belt tactics' to criticize and ridicule the regime.

It's noteworthy to mention the Baha'i's ramp up quest to take over Iran. The Baha'i doctrine was designed to replace Shia Islam and not to live side-by-side of it. Well, it never happened. Today, shi'ism, is deeply rooted in Iranian culture and lifestyle. There is no need for conversion. Religion and modernity should be stressed and promoted.
In recent years, there has been an explosion of Baha'i sites on the Internet. These sites have a strong political message besides covering spirituality. The Baha'i TV (bahaiview) has even aired programs on "Rebuilding Iran". Hence, we can label them as being political. The Shah of Iran couldn't trust his own people. Therefore, he appointed Baha'is to the most sensitive management positions. Ironically, they were the first group to abandon him. Now, they're eying the presidency of Iran. While we cannot rule a secular nationalist state for the future of Iran, the Bahai Republic would be ludicrous in light of all the scientific facts. We can build a rich and powerful Iran without resorting to lies and superstitions.

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