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Kharg Island - NASA (August 31, 2002)
Global Business & Economy
Middle East Business & Economy
Iran Business Resources
Iran Reference
Caspian Sea Region
Persian Gulf Region
Iran Oil & Gas News

Energy Resources
Iran's Economy-Report by the Department of Energy-Focuses on Oil & Gas and economic news.
EIA Country Analysis Brief (Full Report)-Provides data, forecasts, country analysis brief and other analysis. | PDF
Natural Gas Exports from Iran (EIA)
Iran's Economy - CRS (June 12, 2008)
International Energy Statistics (U.S. Department of Energy)
International Energy Outlook
World Oil Transit Chokepoints (U.S. Department of Energy)
Persian Gulf Oil and Gas Exports Fact Sheet - DOE (Archive 2003)-Provides comprehensive information on the reserves, capacity and production of countries in the Persian Gulf.
OPEC Revenues Fact -Provides OPEC Oil Export Revenues
IEA - Iran-Provides country profile, statistics, graphs and Publications and Papers (IEA).
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)Assalouyeh's South Pars - ISNA
Iran Facts & Figures (OPEC)
OPEC Fact Sheet
Iran: Oil & Gas Profile (Industry Canada)
Mining to Iran (Australian Trade Commission)
Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Market in Iran (Trade Partners UK)
World Energy Resources Products--Iran Data Files
The Oil and Gas Industry - The Iran Primer
Iranian oil industry (Iranica)
Oil Agreements in Iran (Iranica)
South Pars (TotalFinaElf SA)
South Pars (Statoil)Alborz Oil Rig,Caspian Sea - Shana
International Oil Marketing by NIOC (1954-1978)
Iran: Oil Nationalization
One Hundred Years of Oil Income and the Iranian Economy
The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse (Energy Bulletin)
National Iranian Oil Company Capsule - Hoover's Online (Hoover's Online)
Proposed Iran to India Overland Gas Pipeline: Project Overview (Bhpbilliton)
Iran to India Natural Gas Pipeline
Iran: Energy, Economics and Electricity Information - 2003 (IAEA) | 2002 (PDF)

Caspian Sea
Caspian Sea Region (U.S. Department of Energy)Southern Caspian Energy Prospects (portion of Iran). Country Profile 2004.
Caspian Sea Regional Country Analysis Brief - 2003 Archive (DOE)
Caspian Sea Oil (Princeton University)-Energy and the environment in the Caspian states.
Caspian Energy Project (CSIS)-Analysis by the Center for Strategic & International Studies.
Caspian Energy-Weekly energy journal published in Azerbaijan
Caspian Studies Program (Harvard)
Energy Superbowl: Strategic Politics and the Persian Gulf and Caspian Basin (Geoffrey Kemp - The Nixon Center)
The Myth of the Caspian Great Game and the 'New Persian Gulf' (Summer/Fall 2000)
Oil in the Caspian Region and Central Asia (By Řystein Noreng)
Interactive map of Central Asian oil routes

US Sanctions
An overview of the Foreign Assets Control Regulations relating to Iran -By U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control.
Iran Sanctions (U.S. Treasury)
U.S. Sanctions Iran's Shipping and Energy - Iranprimer (November 30, 2012)
Iran Sanctions - CRS (April 2, 2012)
World Energy Sanctions - U.S. Energy Information Administration (July 2004)
U.S. Trade Balance with Iran
Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act of 2009 - US Congress (December 16, 2009)
Economic Sanctions, Oil, and Iran | Full Report (PDF)
U.S. Government Reports

USGS Full Resolution Map of Iran

USGS Reports
The Mineral Industry of Iran in 2014 (USGS)
The Mineral Industry of Iran in 2013 (USGS)
The Mineral Industry of Iran in 2012 (USGS)
The Mineral Industry of Iran in 2011 (USGS)
The Mineral Industry of Iran in 2010 (USGS)
The Mineral Industry of Iran in 2009 (USGS)
The Mineral Industry of Iran in 2008 (USGS)
The Mineral Industry of Iran in 2007 (USGS)
The Mineral Industry of Iran in 2006 (USGS)
The Mineral Industry of Iran in 2005 (USGS)
The Mineral Industry of Iran in 2004 (USGS)
The Mineral Industry of Iran in 2003 (USGS)
The Mineral Industry of Iran in 2002 (USGS)

General Energy Information
International Association for Energy Economics
IAEE Resources
U.S. Department of Energy
Energy Links (NETL)
Petroleum Resources

Old NIOC logo

Energy Sites: Oil and Gas
Ministry of Petroleum | Mirror Site
National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)
NIOC Subcompanies
NIOC International Affairs
NIOC Library
About Exploration Directorate-Responsible for planning of new oil & gas reservoirs exploration, principal activities management in onshore and offshore.
National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC)-A subsidiary of NIOC provides drilling technical services.
National Iranian Gas Company
National Iranian Gas Export Company
National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC)-Latest news about NISOC contracts and tenders.
Association of Petroleum Engineers & Constructors-Established in 2000, APEC acts for domestic companies involved in engineering/construction services to the oil and gas industry.
National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC)-Established in 1992, NIORDC is fully engaged in all aspects of crude oil refinement and distribution of oil products.
National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC)-Established in 1928, NIOPDC is responsible for distributing various types of oil products all over the country.
National Iranian Oil Engineering & Construction Company-Responsible for the implementation of all infrastructure schemes for the refining, storage, transportation and distribution of crude oil and oil products.
Iranian Central Oil Fields Company-Protects oil and natural gas fields under its authority.
Kala Naft Tehran-Responsible for domestic and foreign procurement for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
Kala Naft Canada-NIOC's purchasing and procurement arm in North America.
Kala Naft London-NIOC's purchasing and procurement arm in Europe.
Oil Exploration Service Company-An affiliate of NIOC and engaged in exploration and production activities of Iranian oil industry.
Oil Terminals Company-Provides oil loading services.
Arvandan-Responsible for the development of the Arvandan oil & gas fields.
Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC)-POGC?s is responsible for the development of the South & North Pars gas fields.
Pars Special Economic Energy Zone company-Established in 1998, PSEEZ aims at promoting commercial activities in the energy industries of South Pars fields.
Petroleum Engineering and Development Company- established in 1994 is the development arm of NIOC
Petroleum University of Technology (Abadan)
Pasargad Oil Company
Research Institute for Petroleum-Established in 1959 as a subsidiary of NIOC, focuses on R&D .
NIOC Human Resources-Responsible for the development of middle and senior level manageers.
Iranian Offshore Oil Company-Aims at optimizing production as well as safeguarding oil and gas reservoirs in the Persian Gulf.
Iranian Offshore Engineering & Construction Co.-Established in 1993, IOEC is a general contractor in offshore oil & gas projects.
IranOil Show-Provides news & information, brief history, directory of companies and much more.
Institute for International Energy Studies (English/Persian)-Established in 1991, IIES promotes energy studies in Iran.
Iranian Association for Energy Economics (English/Persian)-Established in 1995, IRAEE aims at examining and researching projects regarding energy economics and energy-related issues.
Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization (IFCO)-A subsidiary of NIOC.
Qeshm Island Oil Refinery-Swiss contractor Super Petroleum plans to complete this $1.8 billion project for NIOC and private investors.
Oil Exploration Services Company (O.E.S.C.)-Provides operational services in all aspects of exploration/production of oil and gas industry.
Oil Industries Engineering and Construction (OIEC)-Registered as a private corporation but most of its shares are owned by National Iranian Oil Company and Oil Industry's Pension Fund. OIEC is Responsible for various oil and gas projects.
PetroIran-State-owned development company.
Petro Pars-State-owned oil company involved in the development of South Pars Gas project.
An Insight Into Petropars
South Pars

RefineriesTehran Refinery
Abadan Refinery
Arak Refinery
Bandar Abbas Refinery
Esfahan Refinery
Kermanshah Refinery
Lavan Refinery
Shiraz Refinery
Tabriz RefinerySouth Pars Gas Refinery
Tehran Refinery

Gas Refineries
Fajr Jam

Energy Sites: Oil and Gas-Private Sector
Butane Company, Iran-Engaged in all aspects of the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) business
ILIA-Provides consulting services to domestic and foreign oil companies.
Iran Oil Jobs-Employement directory for oil and gas.
Karoun Drilling and Field Services-A private oil services company engaged in oilfield sales and services.
KCA Iran Kish Drilling Company PJSC-Jointly owned by KCA DEUTAG and domestic investors.
NBB-Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Plant Detail Design.
Pargasiran Co.-Engaged in the design and manufacturing projects of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries.
Pars Oil Company-Produces a wide range of lubricants and market them domestically and internationally.
SADRA (IRAN Marine Industrial Company)-Public joint stock company involved in shipbuilding and offshore oil & gas sector.
Samen Oil Projects Management Co.-Involved in the management of Sarakhs Special Economic Zone oil and gas projects.
Sarvak-Oilfield Services company involved in oil and gas exploration, development and production.
Tehran Berkeley-A multidiscipline privately owned company focuses mainly on oil & gas production.

Energy Sites: Petrochemical
National Petrochemical Company of Iran-Responsible for the development of Iran's petrochemical industry. The site provides an annual report, background information on the industry, R&D activities and more.
NPC International Ltd. (London)-Contains information on company profile and organization, foreign investments, current projects, exports, products and more.
Petrochemical Commercial Company-Specialised in marekting and exporting petrochemical products.
PCC UK-Responsible for procurement and shipping services to NPC petrochemical companies.
Petroenergy Information Network (English/Persian)-Provides up to date news on Iran's Petrochemical industry and related energy industries.
Iranian Petrochemical Projects-Lists the projects by location, capacity, main operators, main contractors/suppliers and date of project.
Iran Petrochemical Commercial Co-Established in 1990, IPCC marketis the sales of petrochemical products in the international markets as well as supplying Iran's petrochemical downstream industries.
National Iranian Petrochemical News Agency (Persian)-Provides the latest petrochemical news.
Petronet-Portal of Iran Petrochemical Industry.
Abadan Petrochemical Company-Operated by the private sector and listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange.
Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company-An affiliate of National Petrochemical Company in charge of the Olefin Six project.
Arak Petrochemical Company-An affiliate of National Petrochemical Company produces petrochemical products chemical and polymer products.
BIPC-Established in 1989, BIPC is the largest Iranian petrochemical company with a production capacity 4.4 million tons per year.
Esfahan Petrochemical Company-Main producer of aromatics line of chemicals in Iran.
FCS committee-Established in 2000, FCS role ist to study and coordinate the use of technology for plant control.
Kharazmi BIPC-A subsidiary of BIPC and engaged in maintenance and services.
Kharg Petrochemical Company-Established in 1967, KPC has a production capacity of 430000 tons per year.
Khorasan Petrochemical Company-Established in 1996, KPC has a production capacity of 825000 tons per year.
Pars Petrochemical Company
Shiraz Petrochemical Company-Established in 1966, SPC has a production capacity of 1.9 million tons per year.
Razi Petrochemical Company-Established in 1996, RPC has a production capacity of 3.7 million tons per year.
Tabriz Petrochemical Company-Established in 1990, Tabriz petrochemical complex produces rubber & plastic, glue, foams and paint.
Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Petrochemical CO. (RAMPCO)-RAMPCO is responsible for crisis management, repair and rehabilitation of petrochemical plants.
The Petrochemical Industry in Iran-Brief overview from the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical monthly.
Iran's developments in petrochemical industry-Iran (Video)

Energy Sites: Power
Ministry of Energy (Water and Power)-Responsible for the supply of water and electricity in Iran.
Energy Information Center - Ministry of Energy-Established in 1995, EIC is responsible for providing energy information and science. Contains background information, library, statistics and articles.
Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI)-
Energy Strategic Research Center
Farab Hydro Power-An affiliate of Ministry of Energy and a general contractor of hydro power plants.
Niroo Research Institute-Research organization affiliated to the Ministry of Energy.
Renewable Energy Organization of Iran-Developing R&D on Renewable Energy & familiarize industries in Iran
Tavanir-Power generation & Transmission Management Organization of Iran.
Iran: Power Generation - Valve World
Power Market in Iran (UK)

Iran Oil Show-International Exhibition of Oil, Gas, & Petrochemical Industries & Products. Sponsored by the Petroleum Ministry Public Relations and IEEC.
Energy and Environmental Conferences on Oil and Energy Industry
Iran Oil & Gas Summit
Iran Europe Oil & Gas Summit

Oil & Gas News
Petroenergy Information Network (P.I.N.)-Provides up to date news on Iran's Petrochemical industry and related energy industries.
Financial Tribune: Energy-Full coverage of Oil & Gas News
Press TV-Latest news on Iran's Energy Sector.
Iran Oil & Gas (Google News)
Iran News (EIA)
Iran Exports-Bimonthly trade magazine focusing on foreign trade and economic issues. Includes oil and gas updates.
Iran Oil and Gas-Latest news about the Iranian oil and gas industry.
Iran Oil and Energy Magazine
Alexander's Gas and Oil Middle East News-Articles are updated twice a month.
Bloomberg Energy Prices
CNN Commodities (Oil Prices)
The Energy Intelligence Group-Features news, data, and analysis on the energy industry.
The Guardian Special Reports: Oil and Petrol-Posts the latest news, prices and articles related to the oil and petroleum industry.
Interfax News Agency-Provides busineess, political, and energy news on the CIS countries. News and iformation on CIS and Caspian region's oil and gas industry.
Oil and Gas International (Subscription Required)
Oil& Gas Journal-Provides up to date news of the Oil & Gas industry.
Oil & Gas Newsfeed
Oil & Gas Online-Features news and information on international petroleum industry.
Oil Review Middle East-Published five times a year covers the GCC states and Iran to North Africa and the Caspian. (PDF)
Press TV: Energy News-Features the latest oil and gas news from Iran.
Petroleum Economist-International journal analysing oil, gas and power developments. Access to some sections is available by subscription.
Platt's-Features global energy news.
Schlumberger-Provides oilfield services and IT consulting.
World Oil Magazine-Covers oil and gas exploration, drilling and production news.
WRTG Economics (Oil News)-provides data, analysis, planning and forecast services primarily for the energy and petrochemical industries.
Yahoo! Oil and Gas News-Provides the latest energy news from major wires.
Yahoo: Iran Oil News

Oil & Gas News (Persian)
Petroenergy Information Network (English/Persian)-Provides up to date news on Iran's Petrochemical industry and related energy industries.
NIOC Publications
Mashal-A periodical published by NIOC
Iran Petroleum Magazine
Nedayegaz-Online gas journal
Payam Magazine-NPC Periodical covering the petrochemical industry.
National Iranian Petrochemical News Agency -Provides the latest petrochemical news.
Petronet-Portal of Iran Petrochemical Industry.
Iran Asalouyeh Official Website
Assaluyeh (English/Persian)-Features news and a data base of Iran oil, gas & petrochemical industries.

Thematic Maps
Iran Maps (USGS)Key Petroleum Facilites
Map showing oil and gas fields and geologic provinces of Iran (USGS)
Iran Geologic Map (USGS)
Key Petroleum Facilites (CIA/UT Scan)
Industry and Mining-1978 (CIA/UT Scan)
Major Iranian Oilfields- 1978 (CIA/UT Scan)
World Energy Geology: Iran (USGS)
Selected Oil and Gas Pipeline Infrastructure in the Middle East (DOE)
Oil and Gas infrastructure in the Caspian Sea Region
Caspian Sea North
Caspian Sea South
Map Legend: Oil and Gas Infrastructure in the Caspain Sea Region

Oil & Gas Companies Operating in Iran
The ABB Group (Germany)
BG Group (UK)
BHP Billiton (Australia)
Bow Valley (Canada)
BP Iranoil rig
Bureau Veritas (France)
CESPA (Spain)
Eni (Italy)
Gazprom (Russia)
Japex (Japan)
JOGMEC (Japan)
INPEX (Japan)
LG (Korea Republic)
Lukoil (Russia)
Lundin Petroleum AB (Sweden)
National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)
National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC)
Norsk Hydro (Norway)
OMV Group/a>
Petro Canada
Petrom (Romania)
Petronas (Malaysia)
Respol (Spain)
Shell Iran
Statoil (Norway)
Totalfinaelf (France)
Ultramar (Canada)

Oil & Gas Companies Operating in the Persian Gulf
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
Bahrain National Gas Company
BG Group
BP (UK)Persian Gulf - MODIS
Chevron (U.S.)
China National Petroleum Corp.
ConocoPhillips (U.S.)
ENI (Italy)
Exxon (U.S.)
Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation
Mobil (U.S.)
Nexen (Canada)
Petro Canada
Pertamina Indonesia
PDVSA Venezuela
Qatar Petroleum
Qatar Liquefied Gas Company (Qatargas)
Royal Dutch/Shell Group
Saudi Aramco
Shell (U.S.)
Statoil (Norway)
Persian Gulf Oil Companies

General Business Resources
World Bank Group: Iran-A wealth of economic information about Iran.
Iran Data & Statistics (World Bank)
Ease of Doing Business in Iran, Islamic Rep. (World Bank)
Economy Profile of Iran (World Bank)
Country at-a-Glance (World Bank)
World Bank publications, documents & reports, and project searches.
Document search for "Iran." (World Bank)
Iran and the IMF-International Monetary Funds current report on Iran.
Iran - Recent Economic Developments (IMF Report 1998)
Country Briefing: Iran (Economist)-The most comprehensive economic report on Iran.Access to some sections is available by subscription.
Iran: The Economist Intelligence Unit--Access to information is available by subscription.
Iran Economy (ViewsWire)
Iran Economy: Population, GDP, Inflation, Business, Trade, FDI, Corruption (Heritage Foundation)
Economy - overview (CIA)
Economic Trends (Central Bank of Iran)-Key economic ratios and long-term trends.
Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance
Exposure Fee Advice Iran (Export-Import Bank of the United States)
Risks in business dealings with Iran (FINMA)
Iran Economy
Commercial Risk in Iran (ERG-Switzerland)-Commercial risk for Iranian Banks.
Iranian Corporate Information-Provides links to information about Iranian companies and industries.
How Iran Finances Itself (MES)

Oil and Gas laws
Petroleum Act
Barrows Compay (Subscription Service)-International reference library for oil, gas, and mineral laws.

Foreign Investment Law
Buy-back Transactions (IRTP)
Full Text of New Law on Encouragement and Protection of Foreign Investment (July 8, 2002)
The New Foreign Investment Law (August 2000)

Business News
BBC Persian: Business
Financial Times: Middle East & Africa
Financial Tribune--Focuses on economic news and oil & gas industries.
IRNA Economy (English)-The official news agency of Iran is a very reliable source of information about official economic news in Iran.
Iran International -Focuses on the economy, trade and industry.
Daily Market Summary (Tehran Stock Exchange)
Mehr News: Economic
Yahoo Asia Search Results

Ministry of Road & Transportation (Persian)-Provides news, information, statistics and links to related sites.
Civil Aviation Organization-Responsible for civil aviation safety and planning, development and upkeep of aviation infrastructure. Official site; includes information about airlines and travel/tour operators.
Iran Air-Established in 1962, Iran Air provides air services within Iran and to major international destinations.
Iran Transportation Magazine (English/Persian)-Provides the latest news about Iran's transportation industry.
Iran-Russia International Transportation Company (IRSOTR)-Provides offshore, mainland, and air services.
IRI Shipping Lines-The largest commercial shipping company in the Middle East.
National Iranian Tanker Company
Port & Maritime Organization of IRI-Provides information on port facilities, services, news, rules and regulations, tariffs and statistics.
Transportation and Terminals Organization (TTO)-Provides laws and regulations, information on routes, news, links to related sites and more.

Embassies in Tehran
Australian Embassy
Brazilian Embassy
British Embassy
Canadian Embassy
Chinese Embassy
Royal Danish Embassy
French Embassy
German Embassy
Indian Embassy
Indonesian Embassy
Italian Embassy
Embassy of Japan
New Zealand Embassy
Royal Netherland Embassy
Royal Norwegian Embassy
Embassy of the Russian Federation
Embassy of Sweden
Embassy of Switzerland-Includes information on the U.S. Interests Section.
Virtual Embassy - Tehran (English Site) | Persian Site
Embassy of Venezuela
Embassies information

Government Sites

Travel Information

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