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Flag of Islamic Republic of Iran

Constitution (ICL-English)-Adopted in 1979 and amended in 1989.
Constitution (English)
Constitution (Persian)

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (Chief of State)-The official site provides profile of the leader, decrees, speeches, audio/video and much more. | Qom Office
President Hassan Rouhani - Dr. (Head of Government)-Features biographies of the President and members of the cabinet. | Presidential Research Center & Documents


Official Name of Parliament: Majlis-e-Shuray-e Islami (National Assembly)
Majlis Research Center (Persian)-The official Parliament site provides extensive information on the activities, organisation and members of the legislative body.
Speaker of the Parliament Bio
Majlis Deputies-The 290-members are elected by popular vote to serve four-year terms. Read profiles of all Parliament deputies.
Majlis Research Center
Majlis Research Journal - Majlis va Pajohesh (Persian)
Mellat Electronic Newspaper (Persian/English)-Provides comprehensive news and information on the activities of the legislature. Includes current affairs and economic news.
Parliament Legal Affairs (Persian)
Majlis Library (English/Persian)-Consists of library, museum and historical documents.
The World Directory of Parliamentary Libraries: Iran (Deutscher Bundestag)-Provides information on the Majlis library.
General Information about the Parliament (IPU)-by Inter-Parliamentary Union
Parliament Primer
Supreme Audit Court-Responsible for auditing and Accountability for the Parliament.
The Guardian Council (Shoraye Negahban)-The twelve appointed members screen all potential candidates for Assembly of Experts, President and Parliament. The conservative council has the authority to veto legislation they judge to be inconsistent with the Constitution or Islamic law. In Persian only.

Iran Judiciary (English/Persian)-Information on laws, courts, affiliated organizations and more.
Iran's supreme court (Divan Alee Keshvar)
The Judiciary Law Journal
Iran Judiciary: Legal Documents Office
Judiciary Development (Persian)
Iran's Judicial Training & Research Center (English/Persian)-Provides an overview of the judicial system. Includes selected laws, legal articles and links to related sites.
Faculty of Judical Sciences
Center for Judiciary Lawyers and Experts
Tehran Judiciary (Dadgostary)-In Persian only.
Iran Military Court (Persian)-Provides information on the courts jurisdiction and procedures. Includes news and online journals.
Iranian Official Journal-In Persian Only
Judiciary News
Judiciary Branch General Inspectionn Organization-In Persian Only
Notary Public
Prosecutor's Office (Dadsetani)
Sabt - Registration of deeds and properties (Persian)
Supreme Audit Court

State Structure
Leadership | Judiciary | Executive | Legislative
Official Profile (UN)-A comprehensive country profile that focuses on Iran's history, culture, economy, society and government.
Iran: Government (CIA)-Provides an overview of government and politics in Iran.
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments (CIA)-Updated monthly.
Who's Who (BBC)-A collection of Profiles of notable contemporary Iranians. Includes profiles of government officials.
Iran: Who Holds the Power (BBC)-Learn about how Iran's complex political system works and who really wields the power.
Iran's Constitution & Structure of governance (Video/Persian)
The Assembly of Experts-Appoints the Supreme Leader and monitors his performance and can remove him. The 86 members are elected for an eight year term.
Hokoumat-e Eslami (Assembly of Experts journal)
The Expediency Council-An advisory body for the Leader which has the responsibilty of resolving the difference between the jusdiciary and the parliament. All the members are appointed by the Supreme Leader.
The Guardian Council (Shoraye Negahban)-The twelve appointed members screen all potential candidates for Assembly of Experts, President and Parliament. The conservative council has the authority to veto legislation they judge to be inconsistent with the Constitution or Islamic law. In Persian only.

Biographies of Cabinet Members

Government Ministries

Ministry of Agricultural Jahad (English/Persian)-Provides information about various aspects of Iranian agriculture. Includes information on climate, water resources, forests, fisheries and more.
Agricultural Research and Education organization (AREO)-The research arm for the Ministry of Agricultural Jahad.
Agricultural Planning, Economic and Rural Development Research Institute
Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran

Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade (Formely Commerce)-Economic news and information (English/Persian)
Chamber of Commerce-Provides trade information and links.
Iran Export Magazine--Bimonthly trade magazine focusing on foreign trade and economic issues.
Iran Trade Point Organization

Cooperative (Merged with Labor and Social Affairs)
Ministry of Cooperative Cooperative, Labor and Social Affairs

Culture and Islamic Guidance
Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance Network (Ershad)
Secretariat of Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of Iran
Ministry of Culture: Press Relations Office
Ministry of Culture: Public Relations
Iran high council of cultural revolution
Cultural Revolution Office
Hadj & Pilgrimage Organization
Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization
Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO)
Shabestan News Agency

Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistic
Ministry of Defence Legion Expert
AJA (Army)
Aerospace Industries Organization (A.I.O.)-Engaged in the research, design, development and manufacture of missiles and aerospace projects.
Iran Aircraft Manufacturing-Engaged in the design, development and manufacture of the AN-140, Abadil and Sanjaghak aircrafts.
Defence Industries Organization (D.I.O.)-Established in 1924, D.I.O. produces a wide range of military equipment.
Ammunition Industries Group (AMIG)-Designs, develops and manufactures a full range of ammunition and small arms.
Iran Electronics Industries (IEI Military)-Designs, develops and produces electronics for aerospace and military applications.

Economic affairs and Finance
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance (Persian)
Vice Ministry of Economic affairs and Finance
Economic Research Institute
School of Economic Affairs
IRI Customs-Provides information about duties and rules & regulations. Includes trade statistics and tips for travellers.
Iran Privatization Organization (Persian)
State Tax Organization (STO)-Deals with the enforcement of the Iranian tax law.
Secretariat of Supreme Council on Anti-Money Laundering

Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education: Organization for Educational Research Planning
Research Institute for Education
University for Teachers and Educators
Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies
Nahad (Supreme leader's representative at Universities)
Roshd Network
Science and Arts Foundation

Ministry of Energy (Water and Power)
Ministry of Energy - News (Persian)
Ministry of Energy: Energy Information Center
Ministry of Energy: Water & Wastewater Engineering (Persian)
Tavanir-Responsibile for the preservation and development of national assets in power industry.
Niroo Research Institute
Iran Water Resources Management Organization
Water Research Institute
National water and waste water Eng. Co.

Foreign Affairs
Iran's Foreign Ministry-Information about Iran's foreign policy, treaties, organizational chart and Iranian missions.
Department of Research and Education Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
IPIS: Department of Research & Education (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)-English Section is under construction.
Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS)-The think tank of the Foreign Ministry.
IPIS Publications (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Library for Political and International Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (LPIS)
Iranian Journal of International Affairs
Institute for Middle East Strategic Studies
Foreign relations of Iran

Ministry of Health and Medical Education
The Academy of Medical Sciences
Medical Universities
Food and Drug Department
Food and Drug Department News
Iranian Red Crescent
Medical Service Insurance Organization (MSIO)-Provides insurance for government employees, self-employed and rural households.

Roads & Urban Development
Ministry of Roads & Urban Development (English/Persian)-Provides consumer information, news, laws & regulations, statistics and more.
Building & Housing Research Center
MHUD: Civil Engineering & Construction Division (Nezam Mohandesi)
Iran Construction Information Center (I.C.I.C)

Information & Communications Technology
Ministry of Information & Communications Technology
Data Communication of IRAN (DCI)
Telecommunications Company of Iran
Iran Telecommunication Research Center
Iran ICT
Post Co. of Iran
Iran Space Agency

Intelligence & Security
Intelligence Ministry
Minister of Intelligence
MOIS Profile

Ministry of Interior (Persian)

Ministry of Justice

Labor & Social Affairs
Ministry of Cooperative, Labor and Social Affairs
Labour and Social Security Institute (Persian)
Ministry of Labor Social Affairs: Technical and Vocational Training Organization -Provides training center for skilled courses and applied training.
Civil Servant Pension Fund (Persian)

Industries and Mines
Ministry of Industries and Mines
Bank of Industry and Mine
Geological Survey of Iran
National Geoscience Database of Iran

Ministry of Petroleum

Science, Research and Technology
Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT)-Responsible higher education in Iran.
MSRT - IRPHE-Responsible for Research and Planning.
MSRT: REDMI Org (Persian)-Vice Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
National Research Institute for Science Policy
Technology Cooperation Office-provides scientific and industrial consultations to the president's office.

Research Centers & Scientific Institutions
Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS)
Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI)
Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (NIC)
Intelligent Systems Research Institute at IPM
International Institute of earthquake Engineering and seismology
Iranian National Center for Oceanography
Iranian Organization of Scientific & Technical Research (IROST)
Iranian Information and Documentation Center
Iran Scientific Network
Iranian Society of Civil Engineers
Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies (I H C S)

Ministry of Road & Urban development (Persian)-Provides news, information, statistics and links to related sites.
IT Committee of the Ministry of Roads and Transportation (Persian)
Brief History of Ministry of Road & Transportation
Civil Aviation Organization-Responsible for civil aviation safety and planning, development and upkeep of aviation infrastructure. Official site; includes information about airlines and travel/tour operators.
Iranian Railways (English/Persian)-Provides comprehensive information about the Iranian rail Network.
Port & Maritime Organization of IRI-Provides information on port facilities, services, news, rules and regulations, tariffs and statistics.
Transportation and Terminals Organization (TTO)-Provides laws and regulations, information on routes, news, links to related sites and more.

Ministry of Youth & Sports (Formerly Physical Education Organization)-Provides news, general information, a gallery of images, information on various sports federations and links to related sites.

Public Relations
Spokesman of IRI Government (Persian)
The Office of Public Engagement-Provides a direct dialogue between the Predident and the people of Iran.

Departments & Agencies
Atomic Energy Organization of Iran
Bonyad Mostazafan-This public foundation is the largest economic conglomerate in the coutry.
Central Bank of Iran-Responsible for Iranian monetary policy, issuing banknotes and coins, regulating and supporting Iran's principal systems for clearing and settling payments.
Civil Servant Retirement Organization (Persian)-Provides background information, news and information on services.
Department of Environment (English/Perisan)-Provides information on the organizational structure, laws & regulations, statistics, image gallery, links and much more.
Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran-Aims at accelerating the industrialization of Iran.
Iran Meteorological Organization-Climate information for Iran. Includes forecasts, statistics, satellite images, weather maps and more.
Center for Women and Family Affairs
Iran National Commission for UNESCO
Iran Tourism & Touring Organization (Official Site)-Provides information on tourist attractions, agencies, accommodation and transportation.
Strategic Studies-Research unit of the Iranian president?s office dedicated to the study of political and strategic issues.
Welfare Organization (Behzisty)

Management & Planning Organizations
Iran Management and planing organization (MPORG)-In Persian only.
Vice Ministry of Management and Planning-In Persian only.
State Management and Planning Organization
National Cartographic Center (NCC)
National Iranian Productivity Organization (NIPO)
Statistical Center of Iran (SCI)-Provides official statistics data on population, agriculture, manufacturing, household budget, trade and economy of Iran.
Statistical Research Center-An affiliate of the Statistical Center of Iran.
Department of National Registration and Statistics (Sabt-e-Ahval)

Contact Info
Address, Telephone and Fax numbers of Important Ministries

National Library and Archives of Iran
Library for Political and International Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (LPIS)
The Database for Iranian Libraries

NGO Regulations in Iran (ICNL)
NGOs Telephone List in Iran

Provincial Governments

Embassies and Missions
Embassy-Addis Ababa
Embassy-The Hague
Consulate-Hong Kong
Embassy-Kuala Lumpur
Embassy-New Delhi
Interest Section of Iran Washington D.C.-There is no Iranian diplomatic representation in the US. The interest section handles passport affairs, vital records, student affairs, social affairs, and visa matters.
Permanent Mission of Iran to the U.N in Geneva-Maintains active liaison with UN bodies and international organizations.
Permanent Mission of Iran to the United Nations in New York-Provides a selection of press releases, statements and official UN documents.

Cultural Affairs Offices
Serbia and Montenegro
High Council of Iranians Abroad

Commercial Attaches

Political Parties & Organizations
Ansar-e-Hezbollah (Helpers of the Party of God)
Association of the Devotees of the Islamic Revolution
Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran
Association of Researchers and Lecturers of Qom Seminary
Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat (Office for Strengthening Unity)
Ettehad-e Mellat-e Iran (Union of Islamic Iran People Party)
Etemad-e-Melli - National Trust (Banned)
Executives of Construction Party
Islamic Labour Party
Islamic Society of Engineers
Islamic Students Association
Jebhe Mosharekat (Islamic Iran Participation Front)
Khat-e-Imam (Society of Forces Following the Line of the Imam)
Melli Mazhabi (Religious Nationalists)
Mojahedin Enghelab - Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution Organization (Banned)
Motalefeh (Islamic Coalition Society)
Nehzat-e-Azadi - Liberation Movement of Iran (Banned)
Hezb-e Tamaddon-e Eslami (Islamic Civilization Party)
The Society of Combatant Clergy
The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom
Tosee va Edalat
Vahdat Melli - Iran National Union Party
Youth Party Of Iran
List of Legally Registered Parties in Iran
Legal Parties & contact info (Persian)-From the Ministry of Interior
Parties in Iran

Political Resources
Election Law
Elections in Iran (ElectionGuide)
Electoral System (IPU)
Iran Electoral Archive
Iranian parliamentary elections Guide
The Landscape of Factional Politics In Iran
Parties Law and Its Relevant Executive Regulations
Leaders of Iran-Heads of state, leaders, prime ministers, foreign ministers and Parliament speakers listed chronologically.The Founder of Islamic Republic: Imam Khomeini
Iran: World Statesmen-Provides a detailed list of rulers and heads of government. Also includes anthems, maps, flags and chronologies.
Imam Khomeini Org-Official site of the founder of the Islamic Republic
Research Institute of Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution
Political Sites

Islamic Scholars

Political Elite (Inside Iran)
Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud - Dr.-Member of the Expediency Council & Former President | News
Bahonar, Mohammad Reza-Conservative law maker and secretary-general of the Islamic Society of Engineers
Ebadi, Shirin-Nobel Peace laureate
Masumeh Ebtekar-Iran's first woman vice-president.
Ghalibaf, Mohammad-Bagher Ph.D-Mayor of Tehran | Bio
Gholamali Haddad-Adel - Dr.Former speaker of the Parliament and leader of the conservative Islamic coalition Abadgaran
Jalili, Saeed - Dr.-Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council
Janati-Sanei, Yusef - Ayatollah-Heads the powerful Guardian Council | Official Site
Karbaschi, Gholam-Hossein-Former Tehran Mayor and close ally of Khatami
Karrubi, Mehdi - Hojatoleslam-Member of the Expediency Council and former Speaker of the Parliament | Official Site
Khamenei, Seyed Ali - Ayatollah-Supreme Leader (Rahbar and vali-e faqih) is the Chief of State. | News
Kharazi, Kamal - Dr.-Former Foreign Minister
Khatami, Seyed Mohammad - Hojatoleslam-Former President
Khatami, Seyed Mohammad Reza - Dr.-Secretary General of Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF)
Khazaee, Mohammad-Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
Larijani, Ali - Dr.-Chairman of the Iranian parliament. of the Parliament & former Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC). He was Iran's chief nuclear negotiator. | Official Site
Larijani, Mohammad Javad- Head of the Iranian judiciary's Human Rights Council and close advisor to the Leader.
Larijani, Sadeq - Ayatollah-Head of judiciary and a member of the powerful Guardian Council
Mohajerani, Seyed Ataollah - Dr.-Former Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance
Mousavi - Mir Hossein-Former Prime Minister & Reformist
Mottaki, Manouchehr-Former Foreign Minister.
Namdar Zangeneh, Bijan-Oil Minister.
Nabavi, Behzad-Former deputy speaker of the Parliament & prominent reformist
Qalibaf, Mohammad Baqer - Dr.Mayor of Tehran
Hashemi Rafsanjani, Ali Akbar - Ayatollah-Former President and Chairman of the the Assembly of Experts | Official Site
Rezaee, Mohsen - Dr. -Former Chief Commander of IRGC & Presidential Candidate | Official Site
Rahim Safavi, Yahya - Major General - Chief armed forces advisor to the Supreme Leader & former Chief commander of the Sepah.
Seyed Ebrahim Raeesi - Hojatoleslam-The chief custodian and trustee of the Astan Quds Razavi
Rouhani, Hassan - Dr.-Head of Government and the the second-highest ranking government official. Former Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC). | Official Site
Salehi, Ali Akbar-Former Foreign Minister and Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran
Sanei, Yousef - Ayatollah-Progressive & liberal views on issues and considered the successor to the late Ayatollah Montazeri.
Hashemi-Shahrudi, Mahmoud - Ayatollah-First Vice-Chairman of the Iranian Assembly of Experts.
Yazdi, Ebrahim - Dr.-Former Foreign Minister and head of Freedom Movement opposition party
Yazdi, Mesbah - Ayatollah
Velayati, Ali Akbar-Former foreign minister and Khamenei's senior adviser on international affairs.
Zarif, Javad - Dr.-Foreign Minister & Former Representative to the UN, New York

Women in Politics

Membership in International Organizations

Flag & Anthem
National Flag
National Anthem
Iran: Flag-National flags and ensigns currently in use.
Iran: Flag-Historical, local and political Flags of Iran.

Official News
IRNA (Official News Agency)

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